Managing The Female Athlete with Dr. Steph Allen and Jen Brickey
Sunday, November 24th at 930am in Waltham, Mass

Is this 90 minute workshop, Dr. Steph Allen will be discussing some important topics surrounding ACL risk reduction, including the role that a solid, consistent year round strength training program plays in the process. She will be touching on some basic statistics surrounding this injury, the proposed reasons why the injury rates are what they are, the support for risk reduction training programs and what a “good” program looks like. She will bring it full circle by taking a look at the bigger picture and highlighting some of the research supporting the benefits of strength training for all youth athletes.

In the hands on section we will go over risk factors for injuries, talk about movement quality and go over what should be staples in a training program!

Investment in this 90 minute workshop is $40
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