Girls Basketball Post Season Conditioning Workouts
How would you like 50+ done for you conditioning workouts you can use this post season?  

So you can crush your preseason conditioning test, get faster, stronger, more explosiveness and have your best basketball season yet? 

The biggest difference between high school and college basketball is SPEED and STRENGTH not Skill!

So why are you sending more than 90% of your time working on skill development but not your speed and strength?
Dear Ballers,

I am Coach Jen Brickey, former Division 1 basketball player, current strength and conditioning at Concord Academy, creator of the Women’s Basketball Summit, the Female Athlete Summit, Women’s Basketball Workouts and The Complete Women’s Basketball Strength and Conditioning Program.

I want to share with you 50+ conditioning workouts/drills that you can do this summer to get you in the best shape of your basketball life.

With these conditioning workouts, you can balance out your skill work with strength and conditioning work.

I spoke to two Division 1 sports performance coaches and they both said, that more than half of their players coming in their freshman year have zero strength and conditioning experience and are not prepared physically and they have to hold them out of the team’s conditioning drills because of fear of injury.

Do you want to be that athlete?

I am guessing the answer is NO!

Another division 1 sports performance coach told me it takes a solid year of strength and conditioning workouts to prevent non-contact ACL injuries!

Do you have a year of strength and conditioning workouts?  

Again, I am guessing the answer is NO!

With the Girls Basketball Conditioning Workouts, I am solving these two problems.

The Girls Basketball Post Season Conditioning workouts is 50+ workouts and drills broken down into 14 modules:

Module 1 – Foam Rolling and Dynamic Stretching

Module 2 – Track Workouts (7)

Module 3 – 5-10-5 Drills

Module 4 – Agility Ladder

Module 5 – Lane Slides

Module 6 – Kettlebell Metabolic Workouts

Module 7 – Ropes

Module 8 – Medicine Ball

Module 9 – Key Drills

Module 10- Resistance Bands

Module 11- T Drill

Module 12 – Champions

Module 13- Body Weight

Module 14 – Recovery

In all 14 modules, I am laying out everything, so there is no guessing game on your part:
  • When to perform theses conditioning drills
  •  Your work to rest interval ratio (how long you should rest)
  •  Conditioning Tests to prepare you for high school and college preseason 
  •  When you should start strength training and work on your conditioning
  •  What conditioning drills are best based on your experience and age
  •  How to property warm up and foam roll
  •  Why recovery is important
  •  Exercise library
Let’s compare what middle school, high school basketball players are doing compared to college players right now:

(Middle School, High School)  

AAU is in full swing with practices and skill clinic's during the week and tournaments on the weekend. But usually a lack of strength training 


Post season is in full swing. They're working on position play and skill development with the coaches (but this is limited) and they are spending a ton of time with the sports performance coaches in the weight room and doing some form of conditioning, performance work.

If your goal is to play in college, then let's mimic what a college post season looks like so we can prepare you .
To help you become an unstoppable force on and off the court, I have included 3 bonuses:
Nutritional Supplements for Female Athletes with Jayson Hunter

In this 23-minute interview, nutritionist Jayson Hunter and I talk about why food is your best supplement for performance, should you being taking supplements and how to figure out what supplement you should be taking .

Interview with Sports Performance Coach Darcy Gould

In this 30-minute interview with Boston University strength coach Darcy Gould talks about the importance of sports performance training, why females should be strength training, what type of training you should be doing to get stronger, quicker and prevent injuries.

15 Minute Coaching Call

In this 15 minute coaching, we will address any concerns, questions you may have with the program, drills. Are you nervous going into next season? Going in as a freshman? Does it really matter if I do my post season program? We can go over all of this in our call. Remember, I played AAU, high school and Division 1 basketball so I know exactly what you are going through and had the same questions, concerns when I was playing :)
To sum up what you will get with the Girls Basketball Post Season Conditioning Workouts:
  • 50+ Conditioning Workouts/ Drills
  •  Exercise Library  
  •  14 Modules
  •  Module 1 – Foam Rolling and Dynamic Stretching  
  •  Module 2 – Track Workouts (7)  
  •  Module 3 – 5-10-5 Drills
  •  Module 4 – Agility Ladder
  •  Module 5 – Lane Slides
  •  Module 6 – Kettlebell Metabolic Workouts
  •  Module 7 – Ropes
  •  Module 8 – Medicine Ball
  •  Module 9 – Key Drills
  •  Module 10- Resistance Bands
  •  Module 11- T Drill
  •  Module 12 – Champions
  •  Module 13- Body Weight
  •  Module 14 – Recovery
Three Bonuses:
  •  Nutritional Supplements for Female Athletes with Jayson Hunter
  •  Sports Performance Training with Coach Darcy Gould
  •  15 Minute Coaching Call

Normally, the Girls Basketball Post Season Conditioning Workouts would be $77! But for a limited time, I am offering the 50+ workouts and the three bonuses for $47.

I want you to have these workouts, so you can start implementing these workouts this week. Let’s work together to get you stronger, prepare you for college and balance out your skill work with strength and conditioning work 😊 

Your friend and coach, 

Jen Brickey 
Jen Brickey is the creator of The Female Athlete Summit and Women's Basketball Summit, Women's Basketball Workouts and The Complete Women's Basketball Strength and Conditioning Program.  Currently, she is the head strength and conditioning coach at Concord Academy in Concord, Mass and the head coach and owner of Fusion Workouts, a kettlebell and sports performance gym in Newton, Mass.
Basketball Accomplishments:
At Hofstra University: 1999-2003
  • First team all-conference (CAA) senior year, 2003
  • Second team all-conference sophomore (America East) and junior year (CAA), 2001 and 2002
  • All-rookie team (America East), 2000
  • 3rd all-time leading scorer at Hofstra, scored 1724 points
  • 2nd all time in 3 pointer's made
  • 3rd all-time for points per game, 18.6 (2001)
  • 2nd all-time in free throw percentage, 88% (2001)
  • Featured in the book "Hofstra Athletics"
  • 4th all-time in points in one game, 36
  • All New York Metro First Team, 2003
High School at Nashua High School: 1996-1999
  • 2X New Hampshire Gatorade Player of the Year in '97 and '99
  • 2X Class L State Championships in NW
  • 1000+ point scorer in high school
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