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The 8 Week Build Your Online Fitness Business Academy

The Build Your Online Fitness Business Academy is an 8-Week Intensive Coaching Program for Fitness and Sports Performance Professionals that is Hyper-Focused on Building your Online Business, Creating Your Brand and Helping you go and grow online in 2019!

  • Hi There, I am Jen Brickey!
    I’m an entrepreneur and dynamic business coach on a mission to help you build you brand and maximize your online impact in 2019

    This 8-week course is for you if….
  • Booked solid and want to take your training online 
  •  Wants to get your message out beyond your gym/sports team
  •  Have a product idea but have no clue where to begin
  •  Have a product and need help
  •  Build an online presence (website, social media, blogging)
  •  Help you build your email list
  •  Want to create content and connect
  •  Host a live event, virtual summits
Let’s be honest, we don't need more information, we need more coaching and accountability!

We need more women in coaching, we need more diversity and I want to help…

As a fitness trainer, coach, health wellness professional you are taught your craft but never the business side of things…

In this 8-week course, will be broken down into 8 modules

Week 1 – Planning. What is the next 8 weeks going to look like? What’s your Big 3? You need to commit to the process

“If You Fail to Plan, You Plan to Fail” - Benjamin Franklin

Week 2 – How to build your brand, website, logo, why you need to specialize, find your niche

Week 3 – How to build your email list, Opt In’s and Lead Magnets, Nurture Sequence, the follow up

Week 4 – Email Marketing, Blogging, Newsletters

Week 5 – Content and Connect

Week 6 – How to Build Your Social Media Presence, Running FB AD’s

Week 7 – Creating your online coaching program, product, workshop

Week 8 – Consistently and Hard Work. Putting it all together

What you get with the Build Your Online Business Consulting, you will get:
  •  "Accountability- We have enough information, we have a lack of implementation  
  •  Access to me via email
  •  Collaborate with like minded coaches   
  •  Learn - What is the best online platform for you and how to navigate it  
  •  Ask - Get all your business and marketing questions answered with 1 team call a week 
  •  Innovate - Learn what is working and what is not with Jen's unfiltered feedback
  •  Friday Check In's
Your friend and coach,

About Jen:
My vision is to provide an online platform for female entrepreneurs that provides world-class coaching, empowers you, builds your confidence and supports you to build your online business, brand and email list

I have hosted 4 online events/summits and put together 4 products. Currently, I am the head strength and conditioning coach at Concord Academy in Concord, Mass and the head coach and owner of Fusion Workouts, a kettlebell and sports performance gym in Newton, Mass.
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